What to take with you to Cyprus

The composition of a suitcase on vacation is always a compromise between the desire to travel light and to provide things in case of any surprises. Let's analyze the list of items that are most likely to be needed in Cyprus



As before any trip abroad, before traveling to Cyprus, we recommend making photocopies of all documents and a printout of the pro-visa. It is better to keep copies of documents separate from the originals. In case of loss of the original documents, it will be easier to act if you have at least copies on hand


Beach Kit

Take comfortable beach shoes, in the summer the sand can warm up so much that without shoes it will be painful to walk on it.

Be sure to wear a headdress, only sunstrokes on vacation were not enough. The most practical headdress is a hat with a large brim, it protects the eyes, the skin of the face and partially the shoulders. However, wide-brimmed hats are not popular with tourists, most of them are uncomfortable. A compromise and the most popular option is baseball caps

Be sure to take a swimming trunks or a swimsuit. In Cyprus, you will have to pay at least $ 70 for a swimsuit, if you do not get to the sale.

It is also better to take a beach towel with you, renting it at a hotel can cost inadequate money, and in case of loss, a fine will be required, several times higher than the cost of the towel itself. It's easier to take a beach towel with you


In the summer, it is better to take T-shirts, shorts and blouses made of natural fabrics from clothing, you will feel uncomfortable in synthetics. In case of wind or rain, a light jacket will not be superfluous. Even in July and August, in the evening and at night, the temperature can drop to +15, take a light sweater

There is a dress code in many restaurants and in all Christian shrines. Fine dining restaurants may require an off-duty dress suit. You can not enter monasteries and temples in shorts or short skirts. Women need to cover their shoulders and knees, a headscarf is optional.

If you are going on excursions, then take a long skirt or trousers and a long-sleeve blouse for a woman, and trousers and a shirt for a man

In any case, do not forget about warm clothes if you are going to get out into the mountains. The higher up in the mountains, the more likely you are to encounter the vagaries of the Cyprus weather. There may even be snow on the peaks. Be sure to bring a jacket, light jacket or sweater to the mountain hike

The choice of shoes depends on the holiday program. If you are going to not only sunbathe on the beach and swim, then in addition to beach shoes, you will need comfortable shoes for excursions and special ones for hiking in the mountains. It is better to take light and ventilated shoes, regardless of what you will do on vacation.

Women during a trip to Cyprus, it is better to give up high-heeled shoes, except to take one pair for trips to restaurants. Heels will be out of place on the beach, in the mountains, and on the ancient cobblestone towns of the island

The water temperature even in winter rarely falls below +16°C, but it is not accepted to swim, it is considered too cold. You can swim from May to October inclusive, but the high season lasts from July to September.

In winter in Cyprus during the day +15-17°C. In winter, people go to Cyprus to relax from the Russian cold and for excursions. Take sweaters to keep warm, and a jacket to protect you from the rain.

The most capricious weather in Cyprus in spring and autumn. From March to early May and from October to mid-November, wind or rain can blow at any time, and warming can be replaced by cooling and vice versa. The evenings and nights are also quite cool. In the off-season, you must take a sweater and jacket


First aid kit

You may need medications: antipyretics, painkillers, anti-cold, for poisoning and allergies, decontamination, bandages,cotton wool and a band-aid. If there are medications that you need to take regularly, add them to this list.

We highly recommend iodine and green paint, which has recently been sold in the form of pencils, but it is more correct to say markers. It is convenient and safe to use, that is, it will not spill or brea

What should the child take?

If you are going to fly to Cyprus with children, take everything you need for child care based on the time of the trip

For women – a light scarf

A scarf is an insanely useful piece of clothing for any tourist country. We advise you to take it everywhere and always. Take a light scarf and a completely opaque one

  • - Do you plan to organize picnics on vacation? Don't forget the corkscrew;
  • - A nail file, tweezers and nail scissors can replace a Swiss knife;
  • - However, both the corkscrew, and the Swiss knife, and the needles will have to be checked in the luggage, these are piercing and cutting objects;
  • - Perfumes, lotions, toilet water, toothpaste and hygiene kits for ladies are also better to take with you. In the hotel, all this may simply not be available;
  • - EU customs regulations apply to the import of perfumes, lotions, and eau de toilette. All vials must be sealed, the volume of each bottle must not exceed 100 ml, and the total volume of all vials-250 ml;
  • - If you want to lie on the beach with a bottle of cold beer or soda, then take a small refrigerator bag. By the way, the beach is a public place, drinking on the beach is officially prohibited, but tourists are usually not fined and generally do not pay attention to beer